Millichamp & Hall

New Specialist Cricket Shop

Worton Hall (South Car Park)
Yarnton Road
Ox29 4SU
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NB Please call Simon Prescott on 07879 642386 to ensure he will be there before you visit (between 13th November & 17th December).

The shop will be selling Millichamp & Halls, finest hand crafted award winning cricket bats made of top grade English Willow as used by England batsman Nick Compton. We also have a wide range of their pads, gloves, bags and other accessories.

Specialist batting coach Gary Palmer will personally make sure you make the right choice of bat to suit you. Its a great chance to get a feel for the right weight of bat you need.

This Service operates by personal appointments to suit the customer.

Please Note: 30% off select Millichamp and Hall goods for Palmer Academy Members

Ring Simon Prescott on 07879 642386 to book a time to visit the shop between 13th November and 17th December after that contact Gary on 07815 081744

Look forward to see you.